Tables are as essential office furniture as air is for breathing. However, the sad truth about office tables they aren’t accommodating of different heights. More often than not, one size doesn’t fits all, at the most, it will comfortably fit a few. If the table is too low, the employee would have to slouch all day and if it is too high, he would have to exert extra pressure on his back. Both these scenarios are not good as they inadvertently will create back problems in the future. Also, if one isn’t comfortable with their table, they would never be able to totally concentrate on their work. Therefore, as an innovative solution to this problem, the Flexi by Indian Artisansart offers buyers height adjustable tables. We have incorporated adjustable legs to our sturdy tables to provide optimum comfort to every user. The process of adjusting the table’s leg is very simple and can be accomplished under minutes. Apart from that, these tables do not compromise on style and durability. Buyers from Delhi NCR, all over India can easily purchase our sleek and robust height adjustable tables.

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